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Takara Cactus is a family run operation located in beautiful Northern California. 

We started out growing cacti as a hobby which has now turned into a gardening lifestyle and a passion shared in our family.  We created Takara Cactus so that we can share our beautiful plants with all of you.

The Cacti

This genus name "Trichocereus" was coined by Vincenzo Riccobono in 1909 to describe a selection cacti which are native to South America and consist of columnar type plants. In 1974 this genus was subsumed into the broader genus of "Echinopsis" by Heimo Friedrich. Within the cactus community Trichocereus is still recognized as a distinct group of these cacti and the broader definition of Echinopsis has not been fully accepted for these plants. -Wikipedia

The plants can be grown from seed and also propagated from cuttings which result in a genetic clone of the parent plant.

We work to source seeds for the new up and coming hybrids each year so that we can provide a diverse and relative selection. Our seed supplies are both Domestic and Imported.


eBay Customer

"Arrived early I'm overjoyed. Thank you so so much. Beautiful plants as always."

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